As a nonprofit, KEY Foundation aspires to build bridges with for-profits as business is the backbone of economy and if business won’t succeed then, the economy and institutions dependent on it are adversely affected.


We strive to bring social responsibility to the world of commerce and the best way this can be done is through Content Marketing, which does not sell but influences behavior. We hope to educate people to be critical thinkers, to accept social responsibility, and to use the ethical way of doing business.


Briefly, our mission is to help strengthen the economy by offering to startups tools in planning and executing an ethical way of doing business. The KEY vision is an environment of commercial success and personal fulfillment, where everyone contributes to a better world.


(Karnika E. Yashwant)

The man behind the KEY Foundation is best known for spearheading the  research on Problems of Indian Educational System (PIES) which resulted in training to be a part of all the semesters according to PIES 2012 Report.


He created arKEYtect, an online portal which combines Social Network + Learning Portal, to encourage students and influence parents and teachers through creative IT innovations.


His experience in management and training spans 10 years of serving as CEO of KEY Difference – where he formulated  strong and viable consultation solutions through Key Difference Training & Consultation. He introduced Strategies for Lean Startup & Funded Startup Environments including financial projections, business plan, documentation, presentation, negotiation and securing venture capital funding and crowdfunding campaigns for kickstarter startups (2014 – 2015).


Mr. KEY, as he is widely known, helped business owners establish themselves through authoring and publishing to establish them as thought leaders in the industry (Through KEY 2 Publishing Success ) and worked with Fortune 100 Profits like CISCO and Fortune 100 Non Profits like AJC.


He inculcated greatness through self-help books and books on philosophy, business processes, personal development and others, starting with “Karnika – the Alpha Man from India” (acclaimed as one of the books of famous people). 


We offer help to students, startups, and entrepreneurs who need guidance with plans, strategies, and processes. This is not a business service, but education for using Content Marketing as a backbone and foundation of a business – how to plan, how to run and  how to succeed in business. 

Training Students for Soft Skills


(Sept 23, 2018)
Chennai, India
58 Trainees


We offer practical soft skills training to students keen to excel in the workplace. Our most comprehensive courses have helped students find immediate employment in business houses and government agencies. We also find them job placements as they come.


Our course is well structured and can be further customized with this objective in mind of providing valuable insights, knowledge, skills and processes to enable poor or average communicators to become excellent communicators and make a change in their personality.


A large part of our donations are anonymous scholarships to deserving students. The KEY Foundation is an independent and publicly supported charity. To accomplish its objectives, the Foundation frequently joins efforts with other organizations, institutions and individuals. 

Hope for Children Outreach


(November 3 – 4, 2019)
Chennai, India


Child welfare is one of our concerns as the Indian youth must be prepared for their tasks long beforehand. Trainee students from colleges spend time with handicapped children in the care of a local organization. Immersion with handicapped children can help fast-track their course completion.


Although the road is long from poverty to prosperity, seeing the greater need of this community of children, students can move purposefully to finish their college education and help fulfill the vision of big brothers caring for the less fortunate in society.


We believe that to create a long lasting transformation within, there needs to be a balanced combination of education and grassroots efforts to empower the youth, children and the community at large. We do not want to brand these children as handicapped but rather, full of hope.

Giving Guidance and Support


(February 12, 2020)
Chennai, India


The basic premise behind all our activities is to create an environment of personal fulfillment particularly through sponsorship of disadvantaged students when their career goals are within our capacity and reach. We strive to bring a sense of social responsibility to the world of commerce. 


We give students the guidance and support they need with their academic life – or life in general – when they collaborate with us in our outreach programs for children. Whether they need support now with applying to uni or student finance, they can count on us to find a way.

Training Program for Self Development


(April 29 -30, 2020 )
Chennai, India
578 Attendees


Our vision is to build up the intellectual capacity of young people to help them meet the challenges of the business world. Alongside, we secure their emotional, social and cultural development, thereby, improving proactiveness and resilience in young people.


Proactive behavior involves acting in advance of a future situation, rather than just reacting. It means taking control and making things happen rather than just adjusting to a situation or waiting for something to happen. Due to the unusual times, we prepare them for future challenges.


We have carefully designed this course keeping in mind the struggle faced by individuals in creating a mark in the work and social environment. This personality development training has helped students enhance their communication skills, characteristics, strengths and skills as an individual.


These courses help them with social and coping skills that can improve aspects of their self-awareness, self-esteem, and resilience and make them productive members of society. We connect them with sponsors for their education, professional training, and career development.

Blood Donation Camps


(May 3 – 4, 2020)
Chennai, India


Donating blood is a simple thing to do, but it can make a big difference in the lives of others. The donation process from the time of arrival to completion takes about an hour. We cooperate with local agencies who also provide additional units of blood to hospitals across the country facing an urgent need. When there is an epidemic and a call for blood donation, we find ways to do it.


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